LorD and Master is a British independent electronic pop musician, producer, remixer, songwriter, vocalist and performer specialising in synthesiser-laden melodic, chord and lyric-driven danceable and accessible pop music.. 

A child of the 1980s, Daniel Bailey-Graham - also known as LorD and Master - grew up with synthesisers in his blood, though, of course, this is a metaphor and should not be taken literally.  Having started playing keyboards before he could write the word keyboards, he taught himself everything he needed to know about crafting catchy, melodic electronic pop with beats to make you dance and lyrics to make you think.  Primarily an indie record producer and songwriter, LorD and Master is also responsible for some emotive scores for stage and screen, as well as a wealth of remixes for other artists, such as Dangerous Muse, Shakespears Sister, milan, dEk101, Real Experts and many more besides.

Hailing from the south east of England, LorD and Master is fascinated by language and the essence of being British, often bringing wry observation into the pop oeuvre, as typified in his 2012 track, Notes from a small island.  In the great tradition of his musical idols who so influenced him during his formative years, he believes that pop music is a wide umbrella, yet it's still important to bring in ideas that defy the staple of mainstream pop.

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