Rock star

I think my parents are embarrassed by me
I didn't follow the family
I left town, met a man with money
When I bent over he promised me

“I'll make you a rock star”
That's what he said
“I'll make you a rock star”
Then he took me to bed
“I'll make you a rock star”
I didn't like that part, but you've
Gotta suffer for your art
Rock star

He took some pictures and he gave me a car
Gave me a makeover to make me a star
I didn't write a single word of my song
But I just know I'm gonna be singing it all decade long

'cause I'm a rock star
That's what I am
I'm a rock star
Yes, I'm a self-made man
Rock star
Rock star

I mime my way through every show
I know fewer chords than the mighty Quo
I don't sing, I just growl like a goon
That way we don't need Auto-Tune

My team of writers sometimes let me in
They let me write this line which is why it doesn't fit
I'll lap up attention but just don't approach me
I'll have you taken by security

I'm a rock star
An obnoxious one too
I'm a rock star
With more money than you
I'm a rock star
It was ultimate goal
Just get on your hands and knees and
Sell them your soul
I'm a rock star

It seems so long since my career's start
Two years gone by and my singles don't chart
Don't wanna work again, it's pretty bad
Just had to move back in with mum and dad

I was a rock star

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