No more chances

The rain came down
All around
I wanted just to be warm inside
Everything was glistening
Sparkles like dewdrops or hemispheres of crystal
I couldn't track you down
I searched through the streets through the smell of the rain
But you were nowhere to be found
I didn't make a sound
I blew round the buildings, a zephyr of stealth in this dirty old town

No more
No more
No more

You turned off your phone
I tried and tried and tried and tried to get through to you
It's no good
I left you a note
“Call or text me, come find me, I want you to know the things
That you should”
The rain was easing off
Now soaked through the skin
I would be indoors right now
If I could
I reached the top of the hill
Desolate, desperate, drenched and diminished
I wept there, where I stood

No more
No more
No more

The rain, it came down
Oh the rain, it came down
Yes, the rain, it came down
And I wept where I stood

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