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It's all in the details
And you just failed

Where did you go last night?
Why can't you say?
I have my suspicions
No text, no phone call
No 'hey, how are you?'
Leaving me at home with
Nothing to do

Don't give me bullshit and
Don't give me lies
Don't be evasive
Just look in my eyes
Don't make excuses
And don't give me hell
Don't forget that I know you
Far too well

Friends said they saw you
Dancing with him
I'm so disappointed so
Where to begin
Why don't you come clean
It's all over now
You've tripped yourself up
With the details somehow

Tell me the truth
Tell me you've been a rat
I deserve better
But at least deserve that
Why can't you admit it?
Why string me along?
Things will get easier in life
Once you're gone