Introducing Kino

The next original studio album by LorD and Master will be an exercise in cinematic soundscapes.  Kino is a nine-track album (still with over 45 minutes of music) and includes the original LorD and Master vocal version of the original mix of forthcoming collaboration with Neil Francis, White lies along with the rather luscious Beethoven-quoting love song, Ever ours.


The album will be released on 5 November 2018 and here's the tracklisting.

  1. White lies
  2. Beached
  3. Spiral arm
  4. The great divide
  5. Spirited away
  6. Run
  7. Heavy rain
  8. Ever ours
  9. At the break of dawn


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Outcast 2

On 19 January 2011, LorD and Master released an album of tracks produced over the previous two years that never made it onto any album or EP package.  

10 September 2018 sees its sequel, Outcast 2, released to all the ususal digital download and streaming stores (except BandCamp, who don't allow covers).  

Outcast 2

The tracklisting of Outcast 2 is as follows:

  1. Follow me (expanded mix)
  2. Substance (demo)
  3. I want you (extended mix)
  4. Analogue bliss
  5. Pass this on (expanded mix)
  6. Love in the room (demo)
  7. Sunday morning (E39 dreamscape remix)
  8. Cold sweat (milan Paris to Versailles remix)
  9. Blue Monday (E39 moonrise remix)
  10. Electriq
  11. Must you always be right (demo)
  12. Hotline (expanded mix)
  13. Fatal multiple injuries (featuring Potato Ellis-Bextor)
  14. The model (extended mix)

Every track on this album was produced by LorD and Master over the past seven years and was unreleased, making Outcast 2 a must for LorD and Master completionists!

 >> Preorder Outcast 2 on iTunes.

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New single: Strange chemistry

25 June will see the release of the first new single by LorD and Master from the new album, Eclipse.  The single, Strange chemistry, will be released on digital platforms as normal, alongside two bonus tracks and remixes by LorD and Master, Real Experts, milan, dEk101, milan and The Diamond Whip.

Here is a lyric video for you.

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New website (updated)

The new website looking sparse.

So, here we are, then.  A new website.  This is largely just a test message so I know what's going on with the site, but hopefully, it'll be easier to update and keep going!  Hurrah!


The website as it stands now.

The site is now up-and-running.  I'll be adding more content as time goes on and I have more things to say, but here it is!  Finally working and looking pretty nifty!  Good times.

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New collaboration: White lies with Neil Francis

LorD and Master has teamed up with Neil Francis again and this time, it's a slightly downtempo electronic song about heartbreak and lies.  The new song is called White lies and is one of a few songs that Neil recorded with LorD and Master during his visit to Hastings over the summer.  With additional vocals recorded and mixed by Day Clifford, White lies will be released as an EP with a number of remixes by LorD and Master, E39, milan and more.  A snippet of the song's original form (more about that later) can be heard on the "coming soon" video here:

White lies was written, produced and performed by LorD and Master late in 2017.  It is part of a collection of cinematically-styled songs for the forthcoming nine-track (but same-length-as-a-regular-album) Kino, which will see its release before the end of the year.  Neil Francis heard the original version of the song and asked if he could do vocals for the track and it grew from there.  

Further information about the release of both White lies and Kino will follow in due course.

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Releases update July 2018

Strange chemistry, Song with no name and the full album, Eclipse have now been released worldwide on digital download and streaming services.

You can purchase or stream these releases, which all form part of the Eclipse project, written and produced in Coventry earlier this year.  Here is the video for the latest single, Song with no name, which was released Monday 23 July 2018.


Along with one final single, Adventure of a lifetime, LorD and Master will be following Eclipse up with a sequel.  A sequel...  What could it mean?

>> Song with no name on BandCamp.

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LorD and Master: Eclipse - some details

So, over the past few weeks, I've been talking a little about the new album.  And now I shall talk a lot about the new album, if I may.  

It's called Eclipse and I've been working on it for a couple of months, starting it, in fact, before I moved to Coventry.  So, it's taken a while and anyone that knows me knows that I work pretty fast.  It's now down to remixers to get their mixes in for the release schedule.  Anyone who's reading this, who wants to get involved with remixing the new singles, please do get in touch through the normal methods!

So, Eclipse, follows the fourteenth album, Definitely, which had a very defined sound with its mangled vocal samples and what-have-you.  This album is a lot faster, a lot dancier and uses a lot of synths, as ever, but this time it's all about stuff that goes on in darkness, at night, or, indeed, in the enforced night of an eclipse.  

So, the release date of the album is 9 July 2018, with two singles preceding it.  

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