New single: Marble House featuring The Rude Awakening

LorD and Master is releasing a new single on 20 December 2019.  "Marble House" is a song originally by Swedish duo The Knife, covered with new production by LorD and Master with additional production by The Rude Awakening, who also provide the vocals.

You can check out the release by clicking here.

Marble House


The EP package contains remixes by LorD and Master, Nature of Wires, Mr Strange, E39 and Subject:2's Starky.

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Amalgam is out now

That's it, you can now download and stream Amalgam from your favourite online service.  (See the BandCamp link below, if you want to actually purchase it!)


Here's the tracklisting.

  1. "Finish what you started"
  2. "I heard it in the 80s"
  3. "The last man on Earth"
  4. "Nameless"
  5. "Soul searching"
  6. "Turn back time"
  7. "Fool's gold"
  8. "Forget me not"
  9. "Endless chapter"
  10. "Secrets and lies"
  11. "The silence"
  12. "Winter night"

>> Purchase Amalgam on BandCamp

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LorD and Master: Amalgam - coming in September

The new LorD and Master album, Amalgam, will be released in September 2019.  Originally two albums, Curious and Seriously, I decided that there was too much material and streamlined them into one amalgamation, hence the name.  This album is all killer, no filler and don't worry about the ones I got rid of, they'll appear as B-sides for future releases!



More information about the singles will follow!

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Redux 2: some details

The tenth anniversary album, Redux 2, which marks a decade since the LorD and Master project began back in 2009, will be released on 27 May 2019.  

Preceding this release are two singles, "Idiots and the rich" and "Hinting at the truth", the former was released on 15 April 2019 and the latter is released on 13 May 2019.

Redux 2

The album itself is a collection of thirteen songs, all classic LorD and Master songs, reimagined and re-produced by LorD and Master, often with different arrangements and all-new instrumental productions.  The tracklisting is as follows:

  1. "I wanna let you go"
  2. "Go-go boy"
  3. "Idiots and the rich"
  4. "Dark streets"
  5. "Notes from a small island"
  6. "You"
  7. "Journey"
  8. "The party's over"
  9. "Midnight"
  10. "A fighting chance"
  11. "Battered and bruised"
  12. "Hinting at the truth"
  13. "Saying goodbye"

On 10 June 2019, the last single from the album will be released; a new version of "Midnight", based on the LorD and Master remix.

Each of the singles features a B-side and an extended mix of the single, along with an extended mix of another of the Redux 2 tracks, along with remixes of the single by other artists.

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Website update 2019

Now that Christmas and new year are over with, I've been working my buttocks off updating the website with lyrics of new releases.  The LorD and Master wiki, a resource for lyrics, release dates and commentary for each release, has also been updated and now boasts an up-to-date library of releases.

Screenshot 2019 01 07 at 20.53.11

And you can find the link to the wiki page at the right-hand side of the menu bar at the top of the screen.

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I heard it in the 80s: the EP

The first of three EPs to be taken from the forthcoming album, Amalgam, is called "I heard it in the 80s".  Released on 9 September 2019, this slightly silly song centres on trying to remember a song once played on the radio back in the day and not being able to quite get enough details together to pinpoint exactly which song it is.  

I heard it in the 80s

The EP will feature two bonus tracks (or B-sides, as we can't help but still call them), three LorD and Master remixes, an extended mix of another track from the album and a remix by E39.

>>You can pre-order "I heard it in the 80s" from BandCamp here.
>>You can pre-order Amalgam from BandCamp here.

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Christmas 2018

LorD and Master wishes you a very happy, healthy and prosperous Christmas and beginning to the new year.

Something is returning in 2019...

Christmas 2018

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