Outcast 2

On 19 January 2011, LorD and Master released an album of tracks produced over the previous two years that never made it onto any album or EP package.  

10 September 2018 sees its sequel, Outcast 2, released to all the ususal digital download and streaming stores (except BandCamp, who don't allow covers).  

Outcast 2

The tracklisting of Outcast 2 is as follows:

  1. Follow me (expanded mix)
  2. Substance (demo)
  3. I want you (extended mix)
  4. Analogue bliss
  5. Pass this on (expanded mix)
  6. Love in the room (demo)
  7. Sunday morning (E39 dreamscape remix)
  8. Cold sweat (milan Paris to Versailles remix)
  9. Blue Monday (E39 moonrise remix)
  10. Electriq
  11. Must you always be right (demo)
  12. Hotline (expanded mix)
  13. Fatal multiple injuries (featuring Potato Ellis-Bextor)
  14. The model (extended mix)

Every track on this album was produced by LorD and Master over the past seven years and was unreleased, making Outcast 2 a must for LorD and Master completionists!

 >> Preorder Outcast 2 on iTunes.

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