New collaboration: White lies with Neil Francis

LorD and Master has teamed up with Neil Francis again and this time, it's a slightly downtempo electronic song about heartbreak and lies.  The new song is called White lies and is one of a few songs that Neil recorded with LorD and Master during his visit to Hastings over the summer.  With additional vocals recorded and mixed by Day Clifford, White lies will be released as an EP with a number of remixes by LorD and Master, E39, milan and more.  A snippet of the song's original form (more about that later) can be heard on the "coming soon" video here:

White lies was written, produced and performed by LorD and Master late in 2017.  It is part of a collection of cinematically-styled songs for the forthcoming nine-track (but same-length-as-a-regular-album) Kino, which will see its release before the end of the year.  Neil Francis heard the original version of the song and asked if he could do vocals for the track and it grew from there.  

Further information about the release of both White lies and Kino will follow in due course.

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