New single: Strange chemistry

25 June will see the release of the first new single by LorD and Master from the new album, Eclipse.  The single, Strange chemistry, will be released on digital platforms as normal, alongside two bonus tracks and remixes by LorD and Master, Real Experts, milan, dEk101, milan and The Diamond Whip.

Here is a lyric video for you.

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LorD and Master: Eclipse - some details

So, over the past few weeks, I've been talking a little about the new album.  And now I shall talk a lot about the new album, if I may.  

It's called Eclipse and I've been working on it for a couple of months, starting it, in fact, before I moved to Coventry.  So, it's taken a while and anyone that knows me knows that I work pretty fast.  It's now down to remixers to get their mixes in for the release schedule.  Anyone who's reading this, who wants to get involved with remixing the new singles, please do get in touch through the normal methods!

So, Eclipse, follows the fourteenth album, Definitely, which had a very defined sound with its mangled vocal samples and what-have-you.  This album is a lot faster, a lot dancier and uses a lot of synths, as ever, but this time it's all about stuff that goes on in darkness, at night, or, indeed, in the enforced night of an eclipse.  

So, the release date of the album is 9 July 2018, with two singles preceding it.  

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A whole new world

It's been a chaotic couple of months.  I've moved from Hastings to Coventry and have set up all my equipment in what we like to call the study.  Except we don't really call it the study.  We call it "upstairs".  You know when you start to call something by a name with the best intentions of continuing to call it by that name and then don't.  Well, that's happened with the study.  "Are you coming upstairs?"  Not "are you coming up to the study?"  We should call it the study, but I think we both think it a little too pretentious to do so.  Never mind.  But yes, here we are, in Coventry and I've finished a new album.  I keep saying it's my fifteenth album, but actually, before I left Hastings, I finished an album of slightly longer, more cinematic music that I'm not sure whether to release at all.  That album, which has a name and even album art, may see the light of day at some point, but I'm just not sure about it.  I like bits of it, but perhaps it needs more work.

Coming summer 2018  

The good news is that this is happening.  This summer, I shall be releasing a new album (the one I tout as my fifteenth) and I'm really quite taken with it.  Stems have been sent to remixers for them to work their magic on the singles and I can't wait to hear what they do with the tracks.  The way this album works is somewhat different.  Because I usually write and produce fourteen tracks (enough for a twelve-track album and two B-sides) and then do another B-side later on, I found that sometimes I produce a cracking B-side that should have been on the album, I decided, this time around not only to write enough tracks for a twelve-track album and three B-sides, but to give the album more scope, to write and produce eighteen tracks.  This means you'll get two B-sides per single and the album is more rounded.  If that makes sense.  It does to me, at the very least.  

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New website (updated)

The new website looking sparse.

So, here we are, then.  A new website.  This is largely just a test message so I know what's going on with the site, but hopefully, it'll be easier to update and keep going!  Hurrah!


The website as it stands now.

The site is now up-and-running.  I'll be adding more content as time goes on and I have more things to say, but here it is!  Finally working and looking pretty nifty!  Good times.

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Decimus taster


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Demeanour taster


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Fractured taster


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