06/02/2017 >>  Child of the 80s

The first single from the eleventh LorD and Master album Demeanour will be released on 20 February 2017.  The single package consists of the single itself, a brand-new track, If truth be told, and remixes by LorD and Master, milan and E39.  The package will be available on most digital download stores, as well as on Bandcamp where, if you preorder the EP, you will receive the extended mix immediately.

>> Child of the 80s on Bandcamp


22/12/2016 >>  Album artwork reveal

The next LorD and Master album has a name and album art.  Named Demeanour, the album will be released in early 2017, accompanied by three singles, Child of the 80s, Invincible and and Cold sweat.  The album is more reflective and more synthy than the most recent albums, while still retaining the LorD and Master style.

>> LorD and Master on Instagram


13/12/2016 >>  Artwork reveal

Three new EP artwork designs have been revealed by LorD and Master.  They are for the three forthcoming singles from the new album, all of which are coming in early 2017.  You can find these EP covers (Child of the 80s, Invincible and Cold sweat) on the LorD and Master Instagram feed.

>> LorD and Master on Instagram


05/12/2016 >>  LorD and Master on Uckfield FM

LorD and Master will be appearing on Jonesy's Electro Disco Show on Uckfield FM for a bit of a chat about the music, of course!  Be sure to tune in from 9pm on 9 December if you're in the Uckfield area of Sussex or, alternatively, listen online over at the link below.





31/10/2016 >>  Happy Hallowe'en from LorD and Master

As a gift for Hallowe'en, LorD and Master has released Old bones, a song that is, I'm sorry to say, 3 spoopy 5 me.

>> Old bones on SoundCloud



21/10/2016 >>  Thoughts and prayers released

Today sees the release of the last single to be taken from Decimus.  This new version of Thoughts and prayers is vastly different from the album version, but still retains its rather stinging message.

>> Thoughts and prayers on iTunes.



14/10/2016 >>  And Decimus makes ten...

The tenth original LorD and Master studio album is released on digital download stores today.  Decimus (Latin for tenth) is an album whose concept is coupling, with some songs leading directly into the song which follows.

>> Decimus on iTunes



07/10/2016 >>  This is now released

The second single to be released from the new album, Decimus, This is now, is released today.  The song is really rather upbeat and positive, which is somewhat unusual for LorD and Master songs...

>> This is now on iTunes



30/09/2016 >>  He's a go-go boy...

The first single to be taken from the brand-spanking new, original studio album is released today.  Go-go boy is the first track to be taken from Decimus, which is due out in October.  This single, however, is all about a young, lithe and supple-bodied young man being the object of desire for a lonely older person, though the titular boy is only looking for a sugar-daddy.

>> Decimus on iTunes